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caduceus_rating's Journal

Caduceus Rating - Trauma Center Ratings Community
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A Trauma Center-themed ratings community.
Welcome to Caduceus Rating, a rating/stamping community for fans of the Trauma Center series.

We're getting rules and an app up, but of course we still need to fine-tune everything and personalize it a bit. Hopefully this should suffice for now, though. Thank you for your interest.

Also, look out for themes when everything starts running.

1. You must be a member to post.
2. Keep your application behind a cut.
3. Try to be as eloquent as you can. Basically, keep your spelling and grammar readable, and give plenty of information to work with. Explain what answers you can.
4. You will be stamped after five votes of the same character, or by majority after at least eight votes.
5. You must vote on three applications to apply yourself to ensure everyone receives a fair amount of votes, and you must link to the applications in your own app. The exception, of course, is if three apps aren't available. Just say so in your app, but if one or two are available, at least vote on those.
6. Bold your votes, as in "I vote you as Angie Thompson."
7. These rules are all fairly standard-issue. Still, to show you read them, apply with "Let's begin the application" as your subject line.
8. It'd be nice for you to explain why you vote someone as a certain character. Of course it's not totally necessary, but it tends to be preferable.
9. All the characters from Derek Stiles to Heather Ross to Nozomi's nameless assistant are available - EXCEPT characters from New Blood, until further notice.
10. If you would like to apply for a restamp, you can do so a month after recieving your first one.


<lj-cut text="Anything you like here">
<b><u>-The Basics-</u></b>
<b>Would you like to be rated as a male, a female, or does it not matter?</b>

<b>Likes (general):</b>


<b><u>-This or That-</u></b>
<b>Introverted or Extroverted?</b>
<b>Dominant or Submissive?</b>
<b>Optimistic or Pessimistic?</b>
<b>Intelligent or not so much?</b>
<b>Relaxed or Emotional?</b>
<b>Friendly or Hostile?</b>

<b><u>-In Trauma Center...-</u></b>
<b>Favorite character:</b>
<b>Least-liked character:</b>
<b>Favorite of the games:</b>
<b>Most hated GUILT:</b>
<b>Most epic voice clip:</b>

<b><u>-In Conclusion...-</u></b>
<b>Any pics? (Optional)</b>
<b>Anything else?</b>
<b>Three apps you have voted on:</b>

ninjafy - Naruto
seventwin - FFVII
residenterating - Resident Evil