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steer2justice in caduceus_rating

Starting the application

-The Basics-
Name: Michael Steer would do.
Gender: Male
Would you like to be rated as a male, a female, or does it not matter? Just for variety, I would like a stamp each for both.


-I'm rather skeptical of what others tell me. I don't trust the people who I'm competing with easily, and I would rather go my own path and ignore what others say. However, when I'm not fighting with anyone for anything, I tend to trust rather easily, although I still have my fair share of skepticism in myself.

-I think I'm rather stubborn at times, as stated above.

-I usually stick to my plans, and finish it to the end. I don't like leaving things out in the open, and I would rather re-do routine things than just going with the flow and messing up your schedule, although I'm guilty of that at times.

-I'm sort of a perfectionist and a workaholic, I suppose, although I was a die-hard slacker before.

-I've heard that I'm mature beyond my age, and perhaps that's true.

-I do enjoy thinking about issues, and I've had some heavy discussions about serious subjects, that frankly, give me the deeper insight that I would like to have.

-I have a romantic and sensitive streak in me that I try not to show too often, I guess, although I've never really gone out on a date with anyone.

-I possess some intelligence, and score reasonably well in school.

-I'm quite ambitious myself, and I want to have a rather prestigious job in the future.

-I can be idealistic at times, having a secret desire of a perfect world with no suffering, injustice and corruption.

-I'm rather conservative, and I would rather stick to old ideas that have been proven to be correct than new promising ideas that are very risky.

-I wouldn't consider myself kind, but at times, I do offer my sympathies and during those rare times, I let my guard down and tell others freely about what they want to know, at a disadvantage to myself.

-I'm very calculating, and I try to plan what my next step is, although I usually forget it after some time.

-I'm polite and respectful to authority and those around me usually.

-I'm very cunning and sly, coming from the fact that I would do anything to be the best, thus I would often mislead and give my friends the wrong information on purpose.

-I am prone to being depressed and whiny, complaining a lot about my life and of how it sucks even if all is well.

-I'm a dreadfully dull person, who has no life other than schoolwork.

-I can be rather moody, hot-tempered and violent at times, although I try not to do so.

-I'm extremely competitive and selfish. I would not help others if there is no benefit for myself by doing so.

-I possess some degree of arrogance and jealousy, silently thinking to myself that others are beneath myself and that they should not get anything that I'm without, although I don't show it.

-I'm extremely cowardly and I try not to do anything that would put my life in danger, being extremely cautious in the process.

-I'm dependent on others, a negative trait stemming from my cowardly nature, and so, I would rather others do the dirty work for myself.

-I'm an escapist and seek a way to escape from suffering.

-I'm easily irritable and impatient, and I want things done as soon as possible, even if it's nearly impossible to achieve what I want in that span of time.

-I'm shy and tongue-tied to the opposite sex, and I usually fail in an attempt in making conversation.

-I possess incredible amounts of self-doubt and even if I'm sure that I got something entirely right, I still question myself anyway.

-I'm not exactly a person that really cares about neatness though, my workplace is messed up.

-I'm incredibly indecisive, and I can't make up my mind easily.

-I'm not exactly a person who catches things quickly. I would need to review what I've learnt to understand it fully. I suppose you could say I'm "book smart", but not a fast learner. I don't know. xDDD

-I'm horrible at anything involving my hands. I'm a very, very, very clumsy person.

-I'm socially awkward and I tend to avoid getting attention unless necessary.

Likes (general): Beauty, Innocence, Intelligence, Kindness, Compassion, DS, Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center, Final Fantasy, Food, Being the best, Anything I'm good at, Praises and compliments, Love, Pretty Women, Fantasy, Music, Green Tea, Philosophy, Friendship, Being happy, Thinking and rambling, being utterly random, nostalgia, literature, imagination, socks, shoes, formality.
Dislikes: Losing, boredom, studying, pricks, criticism, realism, arrogance, injustice, corruption, lack of common sense, stupidity, rude people, being depressed, sandals and slippers, t-shirt and jeans, ginger, sardines, pungent smells.
Skills/Hobbies: Gaming, preferably in portable machines like my DS and PSP, Going out alone for walks, Talking to friends, being on the internet, studying. I'm not really a very interesting person, and I tend to avoid going out much, unless, I'm confident that I have time to spare. I can swim relatively well, and I know sign language, although I try not to use it often.

Colors: Purple and Black. Purple has this aura of melancholy and sadness that is so attractive to myself. I love the dusk, and whenever you look up at the skies, you will see a faint tinge of purple staring at you in the face. It's so beautiful and sad that I fell in love with it almost immediately. Black is a solemn color that seems simple at first glance, but you realize that black is not merely a lack of light, it goes well with other colors, and although its not striking at first glance, you begin to appreciate the style that is Black.
Animals: I'm not really a fan of animals, per se, but I like the lion. They're proud, strong and fierce, and they fight for what they believe in and to protect their pride. I admire their strength, pride and their courage a great deal. There is much we humans can learn from animals that are supposedly weaker than us.
Music: Pop and rock would do. I'm not terribly fussy about music, but I absolutely love those songs who have emotion. A calm, emotional song would be an absolute favourite in my book.
Games: I love the Final Fantasy series, because it deals about an epic adventure where a young, unlikely protagonist overcomes his own human failings and defeats the evil empire. It's cliche, but it has its good points, really. Besides Final Fantasy, I love Trauma Center, obviously, Ace Attorney, Chrono Trigger and Castlevania.
Quote: None I can think of right out of my head. Sorry.
Other?: Nothing.

-This or That-
Introverted or Extroverted? Extroverted. I'm not an introvert at all, although I shy away from attention, I love being around people who share the same interests as I do. I can learn many things from others as compared to being just alone. I always find myself alone after sometime though, having a healthy introversion to match up. Perhaps I'm an "extrovert loner"? I'm not exactly sure.
Dominant or Submissive? Um, It depends. I am usually dominant with people close to my age group, but I don't really like leading per se. It's easier to follow, and I feel that leading is just an unwanted burden on your shoulders.
Optimistic or Pessimistic? I'm usually optimistic for others, thinking of the brightest scenario for them, but hopelessly pessimistic for myself. I have a huge amount of self-doubt, and a lack of confidence, and I will always find myself thinking of the worst scenario. For the world at large though, I would consider myself realistic with a slight tinge of idealism.
Intelligent or not so much? Well, it depends. I score very well in school, being one of the best in the whole cohort, but I don't pick things up quickly. I take a longer time to learn than others for some subjects, but through sheer hard work, I manage to defeat them all and rise to the top. I would think that it's best to say I possess some intelligence.
Relaxed or Emotional? Emotional. I don't think I'm a very relaxed person. I'm overly serious for my own good, and people tell me I need to go out more often and have a life. I'm terribly hot-tempered, and I can become a fierce enemy almost instantly, especially when things don't go my way.
Friendly or Hostile? I'm usually friendly, unless you get on my nerves. If so, I'll try to go through the entire situation avoiding the other party and without much interaction. It would be obvious, but I wouldn't say it to his face. I'm usually a very friendly guy though.

-In Trauma Center...-
Favorite character: Definitely Derek Stiles. I've only played Under the Knife 2, but Derek seems to be a normal guy that's swept under the brunt of it all. Even though he's a world-renowned surgeon, he's just a human, like you and I. He makes mistakes, and I admire him from learning from them and never giving up, no matter how bad the situation looks. He is what a doctor should be in my eyes. Kind, compassionate, and stubborn. His relationship with Angie is just so cute though. They're meant to be together.
Least-liked character: I don't hate any character per se, but I rather dislike Adel when he's under the HOA. I mean, just because Derek didn't operate on him, he left Caduceus and joined the HOA, lured by the promise of the Healing Touch. I mean, does he even have the strength needed to control this power? Oh, and Adel causes many troubles, like injecting Henrich with the Acropolis serum. His face portrait when the Neo-GUILT in his body relapses is just scary. I hate Henrich von Raitenburg as well. Seriously. Which father would go so far as to inject his own son and daughter with a possibly fatal disease?
Favorite of the games: I've only played Under the Knife 2.
Most hated GUILT: I've only fought against Kyriaki, Pempti and Tertari and the Neo-GUILT, but I felt that Kyriaki was always the most annoying one. The rest seemed manageable, except for Kyriaki. It keeps causing lacerations left and right, and they're freaking small.
Most epic voice clip: "I'm a doctor!" and "I won't let you die!" They really give you the feeling that you're a doctor, and you're not going to fail this operation, for the sake of your patients. Epic win, if you ask me.

-In Conclusion...-
Any pics? (Optional) No, sorry.
Anything else? Nothing. It seemed kinda dead though. I hope my app can liven things up.
Three apps you have voted on:
There's only two unstamped apps at the moment, so here goes.


For Male: I see a lot of Victor in you.

For Female: I see a lot of Angie.


July 2009

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