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Pokemon: Maxie/Archie - Stupid games

slaygirl in caduceus_rating

Let's begin the application!

-The Basics-
Name: Dal
Gender: Female
Would you like to be rated as a male, a female, or does it not matter? It doesn't matter in the least.

- I'm apparently reasonably approachable, as everyone seems to think that coming to me for advice is a good idea for some reason I'll never figure out.
- I'm intelligent; I've been testing in the top 0.5% of the country since I was eleven.
- I'm good with creative endeavors, especially those involving writing and acting.
- I have a code of honor, or at least something resembling one.
- I've been known to have both incredibly bad judgment in social situations and a rather large manipulative streak.
- I overanalyze everything.
- I'm a perfectionist to a fault, an overachiever, and a notoriously poor loser.
- I have quite a few trust issues - it's incredibly hard to get me to like you, as I generally distrust everyone...but once I trust you, I would trust you with my life, completely and blindly. However, if you do something to lose my trust once you gain it, you're never getting it back, no matter how hard you try. I hold grudges for life.
Likes (general):
- Reading, and I do it constantly - at home, in the car, in line to buy popcorn at the movies...
- Difficult things in general, especially logic puzzles and games (though I get frustrated if they're too difficult at first).
- Semicolons; if it were possible for me to be in love with punctuation, I would have a most torrid affair with the semicolon.
- Complete butcheries being made of the English language, including but not limited to: chatspeak, l33t, people who use bad grammar or misspell certain words 'because it's cuter that way' or they 'like it better like that,' people who overuse cat-macro/lolcat typing patterns, and people who don't know the correct way to use the word 'irony.'
- Unreliable people; if I expect you to help me with something at a certain time, unless you call me first, you had better be there no later than five minutes past the time we set.
- Intentional ignorance, in terms of people who don't care to find out anything about things they claim to dislike, because they're content with being an idiot and disliking things for no reason other than personal bias. This disgusts me beyond all belief. Go ahead and be biased, if you want; just educate yourself before making any claims.
- Music. I can play double bass (though I prefer using a German bow), as well as some guitar and piano, though I'm focusing on learning violin right now; I also have a three-octave singing range that I'm quite proud of (from approximately F3, or mid-tenor range, to F6, which is well into coloratura range).
- I have a talent for languages, and I'm constantly learning new ones; so far, I'm fluent in English, French and Spanish, working towards fluency in German and Bulgarian, have a general understanding and limited usage of Romanian, Japanese and Chinese, and I'm planning on starting Korean once my fluency levels in the others go up a bit.
- I have a good memory for facts and trivia that don't really matter in the long run.
- I love public speaking and debates.

I like red and blue, mostly, and on a completely random note, I'm colorblind. Deuteranomaly, if anyone cares - in other words, I'm green-blind and have difficulty telling the difference between yellow, green and blue. I can see very, very few shades of green, but the ones I can see are always really pretty, so I would want to list green as one of my favorites if I knew I was seeing it properly.
I love puffins, of all things, and rabbits (Flemish Giants in particular - look them up sometime. They're huge, but adorable). I also like sheep and llamas, but I'm terribly allergic to wool.
I'll listen to literally anything for short periods of time, and I have a bit of literally everything on my mp3 player, including classical, rap, country, ska, show tunes, and techno. My favorite sort of music tends to be 80s music in general, though 80s Darkwave seems to be the type I keep coming back to.
The Ace Attorney series is my favorite, though I obviously also love Trauma Center. I also liked Dementium: The Ward and Hotel Dusk: Room 215 for the DS, and out of non-DS games, I like the Soul Calibur and Silent Hill series.
"An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
My favorite poet is Sylvia Plath, and my favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut.

-This or That-
Introverted or Extroverted?
Introverted, though I tend to act more extroverted than I am so as not to make enemies.
Dominant or Submissive?
Quite submissive, but bossily so. My roommate tends to word it as "Dal isn't like the boss at the office; she's like that bitchy little brownnoser who runs around making sure everyone does their work. No one really likes working with her, but hey, a lot of work gets done."
Optimistic or Pessimistic?
Pessimistic. Horribly so. Quoth George Will - "The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised."
Intelligent or not so much?
Rather intelligent, with the scores to prove it.
Relaxed or Emotional?
I get incredibly high-strung sometimes, but I'm decent at keeping it under control unless I'm absolutely devastated.
Friendly or Hostile?
I'm not overly friendly, but there's no reason to be pointlessly hostile, either. It just takes me a while to warm up to people.

-In Trauma Center...-
Favorite character:
Probably Victor.
Least-liked character:
Am I going to be hit if I say Angie? I don't know, Under the Knife kind of killed her for me. I'm easily annoyed, and so I can't stand characters that are constantly wailing at me and telling me things that I'm perfectly capable of seeing because they're right there. It's probably sad that I'm much more annoyed with someone who's really trying to help than anyone else, but honestly, woman. Stop helping me and actually help me.
Favorite of the games:
Under the Knife 2.
Most hated GUILT:
Paraskevi. The others were actually weirdly fun to kill once I figured out how, whereas I kept having to stop during the Paraskevi segments - I could see how to kill it, but I couldn't do it for some reason; basically, Paraskevi literally frustrated me to tears more than once.
Most epic voice clip:
...most of them, honestly. I get amusement where I probably shouldn't.

-In Conclusion...-
Any pics? (Optional) No, that's quite all right.
Anything else? Since nothing is coming to mind...I don't think so?
Three apps you have voted on: I felt the need to vote on four (as there were four up), for the sake of assisting with stamping purposes.
This is exactly what it looks like.


I'm sensing a Victor, hun~ ;) Mostly from what you listed under weaknesses but also quite a few other bits and pieces.

July 2009

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