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moonchildthorn in caduceus_rating

I won't give up! Let's begin the application!

-The Basics-
Name: Michelle
Gender: Female!
Would you like to be rated as a male, a female, or does it not matter? Doesn't matter.

Strengths: Kind, good listener, helpful, making people laugh, cheering people up, randomness, paying attention to detail.

Weaknesses: I NEVER speak my mind. I hold in emotions until I break. I never ask for help. I take everything too personally. I'm easily frightened - like if you mention zombies, ghosts, or spooky things, I can't sleep. (I saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose when it came out and I'm STILL wary of 3am.) I'm completely scatterbrained when I'm in a hurry. I am a full on slacker. I hold grudges for a ridiculous amount of time... I have a tendency to rant when I'm mad. I don't like being alone for long periods of time.
Likes (general): Sewing, roleplaying, video games, writing stories, dancing, dressing up all fancy-like, animals, foreign music.
Dislikes: Rollercoasters, restricting clothing,
morons, bad drivers, slow drivers, bugs, being sticky, being hurried up only to have to wait, crying, getting migraines

Skills/Hobbies: Writing, singing, photography, sewing... I guess? I've been told I'm one hell of a dancer. O////O;;; This blushy face shows that I have entirely too much time on my hands.
Colors: Blue-violet, purple, blue, green, black, gray, yellow, red. The rainbow!
Animals: Dogs, cats, mice, hermit crabs, birds, pandas, panthers
Music: Bon Jovi, Gorillaz, Luther Vandross, Dir En Grey, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Gogol Bordello, Rammstein, t.A.T.u.
Games: Trauma Center, Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright, No More Heroes, The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy VII, Cooking Mama, Pokemon.
"Who peed in his cheerios?!" - Yohji Kudo

-This or That-
Introverted or Extroverted? It depends on the situation. If I don't trust you, I'm really, really quiet. If I'm in a situation where I can freely be myself, I'm extremely extroverted. Sometimes... to a fault. D:
Dominant or Submissive? Submissive, unfortunately - I kinda get walked on about it. I'm trying to be more dominant, but a lot of people mistake me for being really mean. ;^;
Optimistic or Pessimistic? A mix of both. It really depends on my mood.
Intelligent or not so much? Eh, people tell me I just need to apply myself. x_X My grades were terrible because I didn't care to learn the material when I was in high school. But when I tried, I did alright, A- to B range. I plan on doing better in college.
Relaxed or Emotional? Emotional. I try to play myself off as relaxed, but I'm really just an emotional person. I still cry when people are mad at me!
Friendly or Hostile? I'm all around friendly, though if someone gets on my bad side, I'm a VERY passive-aggressive person. "Oh, I'm sorry, did you need that? Whoops, silly me, I thought it was trash."

-In Trauma Center...-
Favorite character: I basically liked everyone. Even Adel, before he went all HOA-y on everyone. But as for my ultimate favorite: it has to be Derek, pure and simple. He's such a nice guy. Smart, determined, even if he looks like a bit of a nerd. My favorite girl is Angie. I don't know why. She's annoying in operations, but outside of those, she's a strong-willed, kick ass woman. :D
Least-liked character: Reina. She tried to be sexy. And her "so whaddaya say?" voice clip has me twitching in anger everytime. =x
asdfghjklFavorite of the games: Oooh. You're making me choose?! I liked them all. Cept New Blood kinda threw me off. Not saying I didn't enjoy it, but it was hard getting used to a whole new set of characters. Meee. ._.
Most hated GUILT: PEMPTI. I barely had a problem with Triti like everyone else did... but Pempti had me hitting my head in frustration everytime.
Most epic voice clip: "I'M A DOCTOR!" Yes. Yes, you are Derek.

-In Conclusion...-
Any pics? (Optional) asdfghjkl

Anything else? Nothing much, sorry about the pictures. D:
Three apps you have voted on:
this one, this one and this one!


No prob, and you know, I think I'm seeing Heather - I was getting inklings of Derek, Angie, and Adel here and there, but I think Heather covers all the bases. She's got a huge heart but is introverted and can be emotional, without being as... uptight as Angie. XD Even the way you phrase things brings her to mind - for lack of better description, either somewhat professional or very honest.

July 2009

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