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why this, are you kidding me

seiyonashi in caduceus_rating

We have to hurry! Let's begin the application!

-The Basics-
Name: Sei
Gender: Female! 8D
Would you like to be rated as a male, a female, or does it not matter? Doesn’t bother me~

Strengths: Kind, generally patient, good listener, good at keeping secrets, mature, quite intelligent
Weaknesses: Low confidence, nearly no self-esteem, can be impatient, often emotional
Likes (general): Trauma Center (obviously xD), drawing, Biology, French and German, learning new things, shiny objects, my friends
Dislikes: Tomatoes, Maths, being shouted at, bad grammar and spelling, when people are rude to others for the sake of it
Skills/Hobbies: I’ve been told I’m very good at foreign languages and I find it easy to translate passages with very little use of a dictionary. I’m good with computers. I love to read, write, and draw.

Colors: Red, silver, orange, blue. Mostly bright colours, although I like blue because of its calm nature.
Animals: Cats because they’re solitary xD I just can’t explain why, I just like them. Ultramarine lorikeets, red pandas, snow leopards, lizards, snakes...
Music: Pop, rock, or dance.
Games: Advance Wars, Hotel Dusk Room 215, Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center
Quote: “I know the path I walk. No-one needs to tell me.” – Miles Edgeworth
Other?: Can’t think of anything else xD;

-This or That-
Introverted or Extroverted? Introverted. I’m very quiet unless I know or trust people.
Dominant or Submissive? Submissive. I’m just not a leader. I find it impossible, it’s like I’m being rude or bossy by trying to lead people.
Optimistic or Pessimistic? Pessimistic. Ever since I lost a group of friends that really mattered to me, I’ve looked out for the worst so my feelings don’t get hurt.
Intelligent or not so much? I’m fairly intelligent, I guess. An A, three Bs and a C on my recent prelim.
Relaxed or Emotional? Haha, pretty emotional. If I get angry, I just yell. If I’m upset, I cry. xD It’s pretty obvious how I’m feeling.
Friendly or Hostile? Hostile to people I don’t know or like. Friendly to my pals or people who come across to me as likeable, but it’s hard to earn my trust. xD

-In Trauma Center...-
Favorite character: Derek because he’s such a nice guy. xD Victor, because he’s a grump. Tyler because he’s so laid-back – that’s cool xD And Emilio. He’s so adorable xD;;
Least-liked character: Heinrich von Raitenau. That guy REALLY, REALLY SCARES ME. Angie at first, because I got fed up with her yelling at me. xDD She grew on me eventually. UHH AND ALSO THE LADY WITH ALETHEIA, WHATSERFACE. I forget her name but I really really hate her. xD
Favorite of the games: New Blood, without a doubt, though UtK2 comes a close second ;D
Most hated GUILT: Paraskevi is one I hate a lot, same with Triti, but my absolute least favourite is Aletheia. I HATE IT. It’s such a pain in the butt to kill, and its whole “LET’S USE EVERY GUILT’S ATTACK AGAINST YOU” is not fun.
Most epic voice clip: Victor’s “Dammit!” xD It’s just so funny (for some odd reason.)

-In Conclusion...-
Any pics? (Optional) Nope. ;w; I don’t have any of myself recently, and other ones of me are on the other comp.
Three apps you have voted on: The operation was a complete success, Doctor!



Oh my, I'm seriously having a hard time rating you. xD I feel a lot of Angie and I feel a lot of Derek, too.

I'm gonna have to say Derek. For various reasons: Kindness, good listener, fairly intelligent, emotional.

((>w< Thanks for rating me! And yay, a fellow fan! Mind if I add you? =D))
(Add away! :D Aaaaaand holy crap, your icon is massive amounts of win! Also, I see on your profile that you like Hetalia!)
((Haha, thanks, I like yours too :3 I added you. Yup, I'm a Hetalia fan! xD))
I'd also have to say Derek - smart, sweet, intelligent but not necessarily self-confident, and sensitive, and so on. I did see some Adel as well, but he's too restrained and easy to walk all over. XP You've got some clearer life.

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