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your mom

acrowilddog in caduceus_rating

I will save this application -shot-

The Basics-
Name: Call me Steve, me loves.
Gender: Androgynous, but if you ask me to check my pants I’m inclined to say a lady.
Would you like to be rated as a male, a female, or does it not matter? Don’t care c:


-I’m the person that other people lean on. I get midnight phonecalls when someone has had a fight with there mom, I’ve driven drunk friends home, etcetc.
-I’m quite a good listener.
-My ego is big :D ( D: What do you mean it’s not a strength? >>; Fineeeee) :3 I have “very good self esteem.”
-I work efficiently in a team of people.

-Most people do not like me. I’m a person that most people have either a black or white opinion of. Not from ways of presenting myself – to comprehend this think … Luna Lovegood? Yes that’s a good way of putting it. For the most part I am heavily ignored.
-I am a very cutting, biting, and sardonic individual if I deem you ‘unworthy.’ I will make your life a problem if you decide to wrong me.
-Very rarely I feel guilt. ( << >> No pun intended.)
-I wing things, and procrastinate religiously.
-I listen, for some reason I don’t know what to say when people are having problems.
-I’m incredibly easy to anger.
-But, to boot – I’m a pushover. Ask me enough and I’ll probably give in unless I realllly hate you.

Likes (general):

-Good. Food. Seriously I could go on for hours about food because clearly it is amazing, but that could just be that whole College-kid-living-off-Doritios dealio ;)
-Music. Any kind of music makes my day. My favorite musicians are varied to the point of people raising a brow when I list them.
-House MD.
-Tarot cards and palm reading. c: I love doing them for people.
-Bizzare Animals. Did you know that there are types of deer with fang-like tusks? No? Not many people do. c:

-People who are racist or homophobia, etcetc.
-The crinkling sound that a paper bag makes.
-People who are blatantly stupid. You do not realize how many of these people there are >>; I work with nine. They appear dimwitted, then BAM they’re loud, gossipy, snide, and talking all about you.
-I can type and text faster than your average bear.
-I research and analyze animals in my spare time ;)
-I occasionally crossdress for kicks. C:
-Tarot. I’m told I’m pretty good at drawing up things from abstract meanings.
-Researching psychological conditions. D; I blame my sociology professor for getting me into Feral Child Syndrome.

“Cranberry Red, and Champagne Gold.”
It makes me think of the fall and pumpkin pie, and a niiiceee warm fireplace. Overall it’s a nice sensation, for me anyway.

Giant Anteaters, Lyacon Pictus, Numbats, Siberian Musk Deer, Pangolins, Hissing Cockroaches, Inca Terns, Bull Sharks, Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies. Lavishly colored monkeys and spiders with striped socks ;)

I listen to anything. So, I’m going to give you tidbits from my favorite songs and pretend.

“Your faith was strong, but you needed proof. You saw her bathing on the roof. Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you. She tied you to the kitchen chair - she broke your throat and she cut your hair, and from your lips she drew the Hallelujah”

“I’m so love sick, sick of you. I guess I’ll see you in hell; but I’m sure you’ll ruin that too.”

“These breathtaking heights lend sparkling sights
But we won't fall forever.Tightly bound we'll chase the ground
I won't die without you.”

Ocarnia of Time and Majora’s Mask. Pokemon Yellow, pokemon snap. Anything fun. X)

“If you've got something to say, then say it to my face, or else say it to my fist." – Yusuke Urameshi( Yu Yu Hakusho)

This took me much longer than it should of. o3o my attention span is kahpoot. Also, I am training to be a nurse anthestist. ^^

-This or That-
Introverted or Extroverted?
The epitome of the phrase “ extroverted introvert.” While I am congenial and welcoming, I don’t let people into the details of my life unless we are very close.

Dominant or Submissive?
An even mix. I’ll submit to someone who I think is right, but never before so.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?
I am a lovely optimist. c=

Intelligent or not so much?
I’m street smart rather than book smart, if that counts for anything.

Relaxed or Emotional?
Relaxed to the point of stupidly ignoring things that should be paid attention to.

Friendly or Hostile?
I’m friendly enough, I hope.

-In Trauma Center...-

Favorite character:
Adel. >>; Mostly because I thought he was a pretty lady for a long time.

Least-liked character:
Eh, I really didn’t dislike anyone. Angie annoyed me because she was emotional and kept screaming obvious crap, so lemme go with that.

Favorite of the games:
Under the Knife Two
Most hated GUILT:

PEMTI. SDFSDF. It took me so long to beat it D:

Most epic voice clip:
Anything of Victor’s xD;

-In Conclusion...-
Any pics? (Optional) i3.photobucket.com/albums/y85/errored/hawk1.jpg Knock yourself out.
Anything else? Since nothing is coming to mind...I don't think so?
Three apps you have voted on: I felt the need to vote on four (as there were four up), for the sake of assisting with stamping purposes.
This is exactly http://community.livejournal.com/caduceus_rating/764.html#cutid1

As you can see I fail at pretty link formatting. :c
But, if you didn't die reading this from my overusage of emoticions, lack of sleep, and crap answers you win a cookie. ^^


...Steeeeveh~ TT_TT *enormous tacklehug, which increases upon inspection of the favorite animals section*

*cough cough* Anyway, to cut to the chase, it's really hard for me to place you as anyone somehow.

I'd kind of like to say Tyler somehow, for your playfulness and sort of... delightfully quirky lovable quality. But then again, I also almost want to say Greg Kasal, both because I can sort of see him having exhibited those qualities at some point, and he does strike me as relaxed and also friendlier and more street-smart rather than book-smart than his twin. And, well, to be honest, I... kind of tend to see you as a mentorly figure?

...*crawls under a sofa*
STEVEH. *tackleglomp* *reads favorite animals section* Awwww!!! *gives cake*

..Ahem. Business.

GAHHH. I can never say someone is only one person, so I'll say Nozomi and Tyler . Tyler covers your quirky, relaxed side, Nozomi your cool, calculating, I-hate-blatant-stupidity-and-I'm-training-in-the-medical-field side. (DAMN that's long.)

I'm just utterly happy to see you. And I love your hair in your photo, by the way.
Tyler, definitely. You seem rather laid-back, and relaxed, and you're an optimist through and through. That's Tyler. He also seems to like food, and he's friendly. So yeah.
Tyler as well. Mainly because you procrastinate and are laid back... which is pretty much what everyone else has said, so sorry for not adding anything new to the table.
Tyler - your laid-back attitude suits him =D

Ugh, I'm such a flake. X_X

Finally sucking it up and trying to pick this thing off the floor again. Sorry, Steve. X_X But, yeah. You've finally formally been rated as Tyler Chase.

Thank you~

July 2009

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